The house you’ve chosen

You’ve bought your home or you holiday house in Aveyron, discover its history !

You’d like to know more about the people who lived in your house, when it was build, who were the previous owners, how much they paid …. Hire a professionnel genealogist to answer these questions !


The final report

The final report includes

  • a narrative report about your house, the owners or/and the people who lived inside;
  • the location maps, the sale contracts,
  • documented source information.

It also may includes events occurring in this place and old pictures.

A free quotation

We will first review all the information you know about your home and refine your objectives. Then we will provide you a free quotation to let you decide.

The price is based on scope and time requirements of the project.

Payment is possible through international money wire or with PayPal.

Ask for your history

You can email us  at contact[at]genealanille[dot] fr